“Cactus Flower” on “Folk Union”

“Cactus Flower” from “Through Every Change” available now from Folk Union.

Full Track Listing

Bedlam – Stick in the Wheel
The Betrayed – Kwalaparla
You Can’t Please Everybody All Of The Time – Jamie Williams
I Am Stretched On Your Grave – Kate Rusby
I Know How To Love You – Zander Michigan
Off The Hook – Jeannine Barry
I’d Rather Pray For Sun – Pete Robson
Matty Groves – Hares on the Mountain
The Great – Zander Michigan
Give Yourself A Medal – The Real Si – B
Tide Take Him – Various Guises
Box Of Angels – Zander Michigan
Dreamland – BRUISE
Pennies On The Shore – 2Ton Bridge
Be Gone, Winter Long – Erisa Rei Music
Cactus Flower – Jared Morris
Lady Grey – Katzenjammer

Live Performance in Jeannette, PA, Sat 10-17-15

Jared will be performing traditional and standard songs of the 1940s and 1950s at the Jeannette, PA Art Council’s Nostalgic Fall Fling at the Keynote Cafe.

Sat, Oct 17, Jeannette’s Art Council’s Nostalgic Fall Fling. The first fundraising event hosted by the Jeannette Art Council! $10 @ door includes Autumns food favorites, coffee, soda and some old fashioned music to comfort the soul! Kristin Markitell will also be entertaining.

Jared will be celebrating songs of Jeannette’s own Vaughn Monroe (Ghostriders in the Sky) and other songs of the Public Domain (Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down.)

Jared is slated for 9:15pm

Through Every Change

Surprise! My brand new albums: the chiptune acoustic 8-bit electronic album “Start” – my two sea shanty and maritime songs albums “Songs of the Sea and Coast Volumes 1 and 2″ and my brand new country folk album of original material, folk songs and hymns “Through Every Change” available now on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Search”Jared Morris” in the itunes store or on amazon and Spotify.

Buy now on amazon

Continue – New 8-Bit album available now.

For fans of my “Nintendo” or Chiptune (8-bit) music, the new album “Start” which is a collection of original songs w/ 8-bit music and acoustic instruments, is being processed for release on CD and in all major digital stores. Right now you can head over the bandcamp page to purchase “Continue” – An album of just the instrumental electronic tracks that were used to create “Start”


My name is also Jared

Delaware 105.9 Blog: Jared Morris

My name is also Jared

“Hey Jared…..” (they have a huge smile on their face)… if this is going to about the Subway guy… I get it… we have the same public first names. “You download anything I should be worried about, lately?” Hilarious.

I don’t go up to people named David and say “kill any girls and blame it on your neighbor Sam’s dog? Yeah, that’s right.. are you also claiming to be demon possessed…” “Hey Charles, “We’re not in Wonderland anymore Alice,” You seen Sharon Tate lately… lolol.”

There have been plenty of other famous Jareds.. There’s Jared Leto.. There’s the guy in the bible, he lived a total of 962 years, and then he died. There was that kid in Honey, I Shrunk the kids, The dude in the bachelor. Why does one pants dancing yoga mat eating nerd have a monopoly on the name?

Also, before you laugh too hard, remember. This is just a DJ name and my real name is Jason King. Luckily there have been no perverted Jasons in the history of the world.

So, What’s your opinion on the Subway guy? Innocent until proven guilty. I get that. But, what’s your feeling on it? These sandwiches can curb your appetite for fat, but not your appetite for child pornography? TMZ reported back in 2008 that he had a pornography business in college. You’d think they’d vet their spokesman first, but I guess that image of him and those cute pants were too much to pass up. What’s your thoughts?


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