My Version of It

July 5, 2021 (New Castle, DE) – In celebration of the 20th anniversary of their first release 2001’s “Unknown Members,” (on Say-Ten Records) Delaware garage/punk rock trio My Version of It have two brand new releases slated for the latter half of 2021. 

We Love Rock ‘n’ Roll (LP) is a sometimes indie rock, sometimes punk rock/alternative album of 13 all new recordings. It will be My Version of It’s 8th full length album on 10x Records. To be released on August 27th, the set shows the band tackle social and political topics with melodic but loud backing. It is their first album of new songs since 2018’s Time For Noisy USA. Utilizing guitar, bass and drums, plus saxophone, accordion, talkbox and samples, the album is unconventional for a rock disc. It was named for and includes a cover of hardcore wrestling legend Terry Funk’s We Hate School from his Japan-only LP, 1984’s Great Texan. Penned by “the Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, it has been a staple of MVOI live shows throughout the last few years.

Titan Up (EP) always conceived as a separate project and recorded separately, MVOI’s 5-song all-punk EP,  Titan Up, releases on all digital and streaming services this fall on September 24th, 2021. A more concise experience than their August 27, 2021 LP We Love Rock ‘n’ Roll. Whereas We Love Rock ‘n’ Roll is much more political,  Titan Up delivers loud, fast, short songs but with sharp quick songwriting on culture in the 2020s..

My Version of It began in Delaware in August 2000. They’ve played all over the east coast, usually using Philadelphia as a home base. In tribute to the city, they released Live at the Khyber (2009) documenting their return to the venue where they played their first show which features their first commercially available version of their Boyz II Men “Motown Philly” cover. With these two new releases, they will have released 8 LPs, 8 EPs and 3 live albums, alongside several singles and compilations, 25 of which are currently available to stream or on their bandcamp page. Their most recent release “Saviour Corn (EP)” was recorded remotely in New Jersey, Delaware and California, documenting a band during the pandemic. In 2020, they released a lyric book, My Version of It: New Castle Trash, containing lyrics to over 200 MVOI songs. If success can be measured by prolificacy, then they have had a very successful, long and fruitful career. If it can only be gauged by numbers of records sold, press coverage and fans, then they’ve been toiling in total obscurity for two decades for very little ROI.

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