Jared Morris and the Nice Price

Jared Morris is the front-man and songwriter for the bands My Version of It and Year of the Comet. In 2019 he formed The Nice Price and released an album of all new material called Dead Men Don’t Bite Back. The album is a sleazy rock/punk collection of songs. The more ornate follow-up Die If You Must was released in March of 2020.  14 brand new songs by Jared Morris (Year of the Comet/My Version of It) and his band The Nice Price. Recorded and mixed during the world-wide coronavirus pandemic, the album is unabashedly about death, acceptance, and moving on.

Jared Morris and The Nice Price
Die If You Must
(LP) [2020]
Dead Men Don’t Bite Back (LP) [2019]
Cherry Cider (Single) [2011]

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