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New Items

indridcold Indrid Cold “Mothman” Lip Balm T-shirt.
nineveh Nineveh, 1995 Delaware Hardcore Logo T-shirt
cochise 10x Records “Don’t Say ‘Cochise’ To This Dog” Arrow T-shirt.
10xdictum 10x Records “No Frills” T-Shirt, White.
time for Time For Noisy V/10x Roster Word Search T-shirt
Opera Snapshot_2019-12-31_112733_10xrecords.threadless.com My Version of It East End Cafe Memorial T-Shirt.

featuring artwork by Dave Grind

10x.png Official 10x Records “The Golden Standard” logo T-Shirt

featuring artwork by Dave Grind

bobthumb.png The Bob “Draw Two” Morris UNO Champion Commemorative T-Shirt

Celebrate the artistry of the East Chesapeake Regional Uno Champion. Mr. Morris took part in many of the MVOEntertainment Showcases in the early 2000s.

get laid.png Year of the Comet Get Laid T-Shirt

Dedicated to the people that weren’t actually in the notable Delaware band but told people they were.

mothman.png 10x Records Official Mothman T.

Features a portrait of Mothman painted by Sexfinger for the MVOENTERTAINMENT Group.

MothmanRules.png My Version of It 2002 Tour Reprint T-Shirt

Designed by Ed Reiss, the official 2002 MVOI tour shirt, the image was later used for the 2004 EP From The Mothman Six.

nice price bw.png Jared Morris and the Nice Price Monochorme Logo T-Shirt, 2019
remind you.png What Does This Remind You Of? Story T-Shirt

Written by Journal-ism author Jared Morris

sugar skull.png Jared Morris and the Nice Price Sugar Skull image T-shirt

Featuring “Sugar Skull” the oil painting made by Jared Morris for the Dead Men Don’t Back Back album artwork

unknown.png My Version of It “Unknown Members” seven-inch cover t-shirt
the nice price.png The Nice Price color logo T-shirt
year of the comet.png Year of the Comet 1997 T-Shirt
Opera Snapshot_2020-01-08_110433_10xrecords.threadless.com My Version of It “Unknown Members” album cover inverted T-shirt.