New Stanton

Take that ticket to New Stanton
Tell em where to stick it
That ransom that they gave you
was for a big job, in a brand new city
here’s a story ’bout stand ’round, getting stuck or breaking free.

I have a little rabbit in my pocket.
his name is Michael and he works for the weekly newspaper
I got an alibi
she’s standing on the platform in Charlotte, waving goodbye

She said I was givin’ her the business
it’s a business you don’t want to get in
don’t you hear it’s so old fashioned
they got a lot of brand new toys
to ignite the passions of the midnight cowboys

There used to be a preacher down in Whaleyville
He was on the wrong side of the law
If you take stock, man, of what the Lord done to me
here’s proof that any man can change

He said that you have some money left on your contract
Couldn’t you leave me a loan when you leave for the city

Never thought you’d be a parent
it’s apparent you’re leaving this place
as soon you were told
you’re rubble when you hit the road
gotta make a dollar before this whole place is sold

take the last train out of here
there ain’t a lot of carts left on the rack
I can tell you, true, to watch you that I’m never coming back
if it don’t work out I’ll see you on the wrong side of the track. (Jared Morris/BMI)