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By Jennifer Hayes Middletown Transcript (annotated by Sexfinger) Posted Mar 17, 2010 @ 08:07 AM Middletown, Del. — Whether they were devouring candy bars (drugs) and diet soda (gin) during practice, playing a gig at the recently closed East End Café or laying down tracks in the studio (a storage space), the members of Middletown band (We had just happened to be in Middletown at the time) My Version of It has loved every minute (really?) of their decade-long career.

We’ve watched a lot of bands come and go over the years (Popcorn Battlecock), and a lot of bands would come in and dominate the scene and then die off,” said bassist Josh Reiss. “But we’ve always managed to stay the same.” (Same 10 songs)

Lead singer (The Sexfinger) said what’s kept the band together so long is their love for the music and ultimately their friendship (MANDance). Even guitarist Dr. Aahh, who didn’t join the band until 2007, had an instant connection with the rest of the guys.

“We’ve got this sort of sixth sense about what we do,” Morris said. “It’s just so easy.”

Reiss said what sets them apart from other local bands is their unique sound. Each song has its on vibe, whether it’s a hard jam or softer pop beat. “We’re never really topping ourselves,” he said. “The new stuff sounds different than the old, but it’s still just as good.” Reiss said as the music scene in Delaware has changed over the years, it has become harder for the band to line up shows every weekend. “Just getting gigs in the area is difficult. We have to travel,” he said. “We want to play here. This is our backyard. Everything around us influences our music, so it’s like, ‘Why can’t we play it here?’ ”

While the band struggles to find the right venues, the writing never stops. With more than 150 original songs in their catalog, the guys have enjoyed practicing and recording the songs they love. “Year of the Comet,” the band’s fifth studio album, includes a mix of old and new tracks that commemorates the last 10 years. “We just picked the songs we liked the best and tried to make the strongest record we could,” Morris said. “It turned out that it became almost a retrospective of what we’ve done over the years.” Morris said the 13-track album includes tracks he and drummer Dave Brown first played together while in the band Year of The Comet and even songs Morris wrote as a teenager.

Schmidt said some of the best songs on the album include “Pyrite,” “11:11” and “Come All Night,” because they’re fun to rock to and people enjoy listening to them. “Asking me to pick my favorite song is like asking me to pick my favorite child,” he said. “I love them all.”

Morris said 10 years is a great milestone for the band, but they plan to continue to write music and perform until it’s just not fun anymore. “We can’t stop now,” he said. “Not enough people know who we are yet. The 10 years we spent making five albums and the 150 songs that no one’s even heard yet would be wasted if we stop now.”

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My Version of It includes drummer Dave Grind, Sexfinger and Dr. Aahh.