2022 Release Calendar

The Dollar Movies
“Dead Millionaires”
10 Songs
TBR April 2022
Jared Morris and the  Nice Price
“Death and Texas” EP
5 Songs
TBR April 2022
Cassette Comp. Summer 2022
MVOI, River Guns, New Castles, Vinelanders, Dr. Goose and More
22 songs
My Version of It
Untitled 10th LP
15 Songs
TBR Summer 2022
Jared Morris and the Nice Price
“Don’t Taunt the Debutante”
b/w “I’m Sorry I Never Said I Was Sorry”
Single June 2022
Year of the Comet
25th Anniversary EP
4 Songs
Fall 2002
Jared Morris and the Nice Price
“Your Mother Was Right About Me”
13 Songs
3rd LP May 2022
The Vinelanders
“Garfield Park”
b/w “Wizards Are Everywhere”
Single May 2022
Jared Morris
“The Best of the Strand II”
30 Demos
Out Now
The Vinelanders
“The Gateway” EP
3 Songs
Out Now
Jared Morris/Brian Clymer
“The Bridge”
Out Now
River Guns Debut EP
Recorded by Sexfinger
feat. Jared Morris
Out Now at riverguns.bandcamp.com