Brian “Entertainment” Clymer

The BEC is a comedian and writer that has been an integral part of the MVOEntertainment Group since day one. His first appearance on 10x Records was as the bassist for Year of the Comet. He was also known for his live comedy show at early MVOE Showcases. His work has been featured on the MVOE Sampler 2002 and “Born To Let’s Go” Sampler 2022. He is also the mastermind behind the controversial performance artist Entertainment The Clown. Mr. Clymer has also co-authored several books with 10x artist Jared Morris.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of “The Steaks Are Pi” The MVOEntertainment Group Showcase held on November 22, 2002, 10x Records is releasing a comedy album of Entertainment’s live comedy performance for the first time. This special expanded album includes the entire live set plus 18 other period spoken word/comedy tracks written and performed by Entertainment.

Limited discography/bibliography

Year of the Comet Roosevelt Ave (bass)
Various Artists Dennis Hopper (comedy)
The Dollar Movies Chinababy (bass)
WMC Fishclub Rigor Mortis (vocals)
The Dollar Movies Boat Ride (vocals)
Brian Clymer Live At The Historic Barn Door (comedy)
My Version of It Lesson #200 (guest vocals)
T̈ëäsër Born To Rock N Roll (backing vocals)

Also featured on
Mr. Joyrider In A Scrambler Podcast (co-host)
Save Us Morrissey Book/Music Criticism (co-author)
The Bridge Novel/Sci-Fi (co-author)

Join the clowning world of Entertainment The Clown. Clown began his performance career in 2002 and was quickly signed to the MVOEntertainment Group. In 2017, 10x Records released the WMC Fishclub 15th Anniversary soundtrack to his live show. To mark his 20th anniversary, 10x Records launched the official Entertainment The Clown Web site and instragram with rumored projects to come.

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