WMC Fishclub

Complete recordings of WMC Fishclub, an avant garde collective of various musicians from the Delaware / Delaware Valley area, including but not limited to members of My Version of It, Year of the Comet, River Guns, Jared Morris and the Nice Price and We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, Prescription 139, Shit Kittens, Six Day 6 and more.

Due to the historical and improvisational nature of some of the recordings, quality of sound may vary between tracks. These songs were recorded to cassette, 4-track cassette, 8-track, 16-track and 32-track DAW as well as Sound Recorder and various computer software.

1.There’s No Such Thing As The Kokomo Hum 02:19
2.Unterm Rad 04:02
3.Birthday DX 02:04
4.Snow Angels 04:15
5.The Handler 02:00
6.The Human Resource 01:07
7.Same Symptoms 04:21
8.Fresh Paint 01:36
9.Last Kiss 05:26
10.Human Zoo-illogical Reform 02:49
11.Simple Gifts 03:01
12.Jared Morris – Henny Penny (WMC Mix) 07:53
13.There’s No Such Thing As The Kokomo Hum (4-track Drum Machine Version) 02:13
14.King of Pliers (Regular Speed) 02:09
15.Berenzy (Single Mix) 04:07
16.Berenzy (Gregory Winner Mix) 04:09
17.Jared Morris – Paid My Dues (feat. WMC Fishclub) 02:41
18.Jared Morris – Paid My Dues (NSF Version) 01:24
19.PCG-Death 03:15
20.PCG-Dungeon 05:54
21.Oswald 03:22
22.Fever 00:48
23.Nepal 03:48
24.Berenzy (Live in Arden, PA.) 05:21
25.Entertainment The Clown Is Close 00:33
26.New Dolly (rough original demo) 02:21
27.Kokomo Hum 8-Track Version 02:13
28.Kokomo Hum (Original 4-track demo) 02:12
29.King of Pliers (half speed) 02:36
30.King of Pliers (double speed0 01:41
31.Bee Bop 00:50
32.Windmill Hut 01:05
33.Video Game Theme II 00:47
34.Birthday (2004 Re-Mix) 01:42
35.Entertainment The Clown Is Near 00:47
36.Not Into You 02:29
37.Planet of the People 02:04
38.High School Tech 01:29
39.Human Zoo (97) 02:30
40.Intro (A) 05:29
41.Pub Crawl (91) 00:58
42.Car Foot Organ 03:15

released March 16, 2020

Produced by Jared Morris and Sexfinger


all rights reserved