Prescription 139

1.Away From Me (4-track) 02:31
2.Better Off Than Faire (4-track) 02:37
3.Grey (4-track) 03:14
4.Love Song #5 (4-track) 02:30
5.The Last (Live) 03:37
6.Under and Inside (Live) 04:59
7.Love Song #5 (Live) 02:15
8.The Basin Road Bettys – Under Threat (instrumental) [practice] 00:57
9.Scenes Meet Scenes (4-track) 02:38
10.The Basin Road Bettys – Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes 02:05
11.Jared Morris – Man (acoustic) 02:04
12.Curtain Call (early drum machine demo of Away From Me) 02:15
13.Mark’s Theory (drum machine demo) 02:15


Full collection of remasted cassette tape demos, live tapes and practice recordings from Newark, DE short-lived punk band Rx139 – Due to the historical nature of these recordings, they vary in quality (in audio and performance) but, they stand as the only audio record of this mid-1990s Delaware band.


released December 12, 1995

4-track demos (band) recorded by Danny Bogart
Practice recordings by Chaz
Live recordings by Kevin
Artwork by That’s A Big If Graphics

RX139 was
Jared Guitar/Vox
Chaz Guitar
Danny Bass
Kevin Drums

all songs written by rx139