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The unofficial book is a chronological comprehensive collection of 230 essays on every officially released non-album Morrissey recording—plus all live b-sides and alt versions, spanning 1982-2020. It is a semi-biographical telling of the story of the songs, Morrissey, band members, co-writers and producers thru 478 sources, music theory, analytical review and commentary. It’s told in a conversational AP style and includes information about live performances, cover versions, reissues, Record Store Day releases and digital only releases. The author said, “It’s also not negative! So many fans are so critical but, I love Morrissey and his music. There’s none of the snarkiness you find in most writings about Morrissey and his work. I also explore some of the biased press coverage in recent years which, with my broadcasting and newswriting career, I feel I have a unique take on.” Several of the essays include every-fan mini-reviews by performance artist/humorist Brian Clymer. This book contains no lyrics or previously copyrighted materials.

This book will be released in three editions. The standard US Edition, the International Edition and the Kindle version. Both the US and Int’l editions are 586 page 6″ x 9″ paperbacks. The US version cover is made up of the You Are The Quarry Deluxe edition pallette where the International cover variant is made up of the Maladjusted 1997 color pallette. Both covers were created by That A Big If Graphics.

Jared Morris is a musician/author/radio host that lives in Georgetown, DE. He plays guitar and sings in My Version of It, Jared Morris and the Nice Price, Doctor Goose and Year of the Comet. With My his bands he has been playing gigs mainly in the North East since 2001. He hosted an FM radio talk show for 15 years and has been an FM rock radio DJ since 2015. He has a degree in Communication and his writings have appeared in books, newspapers, magazines, radio and television. He’s trained in music theory, vocal training and audio production and has produced numerous albums for area bands. He has headed 10x Records since 1999. This is his fourth book.

Brian Clymer is a jack of all trades. He has been a performance artist, a stand-up comedian, a bassist, a keyboardist, a comedy writer, a radio contributor, a podcaster, a financial advisor, a husband, a father and a friend.

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