Die If You Must

“Die If You Must” is a brand new 15 song album by Jared Morris and his band The Nice Price. More melodic than their first album, “Die If You Must” maintains the same punk attitude as their previous work but is more musical in terms of songwriting.


Recorded and mixed during the world-wide coronavirus pandemic, “Die If You Must” is an unapologetic lyric album. The album is unabashedly about death, acceptance, and moving on. It’s wordy, it’s smarmy, it’s lowdown and it’s lyrically dark, Even while most of the music remains uptempo. They pool from their various influences to create a cohesive collection of songs.

Stand out tracks are: I Can’t Pretend I’m Not Being Murdered—a gloomy ballad about coveting another’s love. Elevators and Sex—a rocking song that is the closest that the Nice Price get to Jared’s main band My Version of It. This Song Is An Atom Bomb—originally intended for girl punk band Shit Kittens, the Nice Price deliver of the promise of the song’s tite. I Am Shogun—the lone downtempo song on the album, it’s a 7-minute opus in G minor opining life in the 2000s.

Jared Morris and the Nice Price’s first album came out in 2019 and serve as a newer project from Jared’s main bands My Version of It and Year of the Comet. Jared has 48 albums out with various projects including several electronic and folk albums. His first solo album “Murder and Divorce” released in 2014. My Version of It celebrated their 20th year in 2020. Their fist release was the Unknown Members 7” on Say-Ten Records in 2001. They’ve released 8 LPs, several EPs and singles. They started out as a moody loud indie-rock band but since the 2010s, they’ve focused on garage punk rock mainly. My Version of It’s “Noisy V” assisted in the post-production and artwork for “Die If You Must.”

In addition to his music work, Jared Morris also has several books available including the 2020 release “If Snakes Could Talk They’d Sound Like Electric Guitars.” It is a book of verse, short stories and bawdy jokes. He released the second edition of his first book “Journal-ism” in 2020. He also the host of several radio talk and music programs in Delaware.

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