Jared Morris and the Nice Price

Jared Morris is the front-man and songwriter for the bands My Version of It and Year of the Comet, with whom he has released seven full length albums and seven eps. In 2013, My Version of It made headlines in the storage unit community, recording their 6th album “Will Thrill You In Minutes” in a storage unit on generator power. He also plays guitar and serves as primary songwriter in the riot punk band Shit Kittens (debut album due early 2020) and the doom-metal nursery-core band Doctor Goose (“Good For The Gander”—out now on 10x Records.) as well as playing guitar in several Delaware bands, most notably Bessemer Process and Grave Mistake.

He has released 4 full length original solo albums and several compilations of folk songs, sea shanties and Celtic songs. He has also released two albums of archival material “The Strand (Preludes)” and “Delaware Hardcore” focusing on unreleased material from the Delaware punk scene of the late 1990s. In 2016 he released his first book of prose: “Journal-ism: Urinal-ism” – written largely in the early 2000s while working as a toll booth operator. His most recent release was the 2017 My Version of It LP “Time For Noisy USA” – a nasty rock album about life in America in the late 2010s.

just cover Dead Men Don’t Bite Back (2019)
BookCoverPreview Journal-ism  (paperback)
NOFRILLSDICTIM Black Dictum (2017)
img_3072 Start (2015)
IMG_0583-0 Through Every Change (2015)
just cover amazon.JPG Murder and Divorce (2014)
nunc A Practical Guide to Beekeeping 7″ (1999)
cover Songs of the Land (2018)
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img_3071 Songs of the Sea and Coast (2015)
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IMG_3321 The Strand, Preludes (1995-1997)
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DE HARDCORE 2 Delaware Hardcore (1996-1997)
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