Featured: Dead Men Don’t Bite Back

Jared Morris and the Nice Price – Dead Men Don’t Bite Back

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Middle Age 04:18
Oh Hey 02:35

Dead Men Don’t Bite Back on Microcassette

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Most of the songs on “Dead Men Don’t Bite Back” were intended for the scrapped Jared Morris album “Mr. Rhythm’s Good Advice.” Originally recorded in late 2018. Unhappy with the final mixes of the prior album, Jared hired an outside producer to remix and track the album in November of 2018, hoping for a March 2019 release. However as months passed and Jared had not received any mixes from the producer, Jared began to feel less and less enthusiastic about the project.

In the meantime, he continued working on new songs with My Version of It, he finished recording the Doctor Goose album “Good for the Gander” and wrote and recorded 22 songs for Shit Kittens for their debut album (due 2020)

After producing the heavier focused Doctor Goose album and Shit KIttens demos, Jared decided to take another look at the yet unfinished Mr Rhythm’s Good Advice album. He had been pondering re-recording the drums for the album and started with a few demos. Liking the results, he began rewriting some of the songs and officially scrapped Mr. Rhythm’s album in August in favor of the new approach to the songs.

Though the album has been largely rerecorded, there are still a few tracks that were saved. The vocals and keyboards in the song “Traci Lords” (now retitled “Mr. Rhythm’s Good Advice”) and the keyboards for “You’re Cool Now” were taken from the original album.

Likewise, “Oh Hey” though changed from Am to A major and sped up, the song’s original lyrics are mainly unaltered and the song preserved part of a sample from the original version. This appears near the end of the track.

“Don’t Open ‘Til Leap Day” is a complete rewrite of the song “Coastal Highway” with shortened lyrics and a new chorus.

“1 Mississippi” is a rerecorded new version of a song called “Devil’s Tollbooth Blues” where the lyrics and chords are mostly left in tact.

“Middle Age” started life as a drumless dirge in 3/4 time. Here, The Nice Price switched it to 4/4 timing and took it from the original key or Em to it’s relative G major. The lyrics are mostly the same as the original, but the song is completely re-recorded. This song saw the most radical rewrites besides “Leap Day” and took 5 demos to get it right.

“Valediction” is played at the same tempo and same key as the original and the lyrics are mostly the same. The original song contained a prominent keyboard part and a 1999 era Prince inspired drum track. Both were removed. The song is heavier than it’s predecessor and is the only song on the album to feature an acoustic guitar.

“Everybody Hates The Shit I Do” and “Escape Hatch” are new songs written after the original album version was completed.

“Now We Are All Sons of Bitches” was originally written for Jared’s other band My Version of It in 2002. It remained on the shelf and was considered for his 2016 album “Black Dictum”. Here, it is rewritten and set to a casio drum track along with samples from various public domain health and human safety videos from the 1950s about radio, dating, work accidents and nuclear fallout.

“I Hate You (from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)” is the album’s lone cover version. Taken from the bus scene in the Paramount film “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”, The song was written by producers and writers of the film and performed by the fictitious punk band Edge of Etiquette in the film. The song also appeared in the Annette Funicello film “Back to the Beach.” This is the full version of the song not heard in the movie in it’s entirety.


releases October 4, 2019

Recorded in Georgetown DE 7/15/19 – 9/15/19

All songs written by Jared Morris and The Nice Price
except “I Hate You (from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)” by Kirk Thatcher and Mark Mangini originally performed by Edge of Etiquette
Mixed and Mastered by Jared and the Nice Price in September 2019.
Photography by Davê Grind


all rights reserved


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