They Can Do That, Really? (2008)



Following the success of 2007’s “One Way”, My Version of It began writing and demoing new songs that would form the foundation of their next album “They Can Do That, Really?”

Unfortunately, MVOI longtime bassist and friend Groobz had to move across the country for work. When MVOI regrouped, took the best songs from these sessions and combined them with other older songs to create the “Year of the Comet” LP.

Rescued from the MVOE vaults, the forgotten 2008 follow-up to “One Way” – Recorded at Chez Groobz in Newark, DE. All previously unreleased recordings.


released November 11, 2008

All songs by Morris/Grunes/Schmidt/Grind

Lesson #118, Music by Joseph Dugan, Lyrics by Groobz
Lesson #114, Music by Schmidt, Lyrics by Groobz
Lesson #113, Music by Morris, Lyrics by Groobz
Sexfinger: Guitar/Voice
Jon Groobz: Bass/Voice
Matt Sandwich: Guitar
Dave Grind: Drums


all rights reserved

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