Mr. Rhythm’s Good Advice (2019)

Coming 2019 the new Jared Morris solo album “Mr. Rhythm’s Good Advice” is being professionally mixed and mastered now by Cliff Hillis. Cliff recorded and mixed the 2004 My Version of it EP “From the Mothman 6”

The 9-song, hour-long album contains all new songs written specifically for this project and is performed entirely by Jared, with drum samples from My Version of It’s Dave Grind.

Tentative Track Listing (In alphabetical order)

  1. Coastal Highway
  2. Devil’s Tollbooth
  3. Isn’t It Enough?
  4. Middle Age
  5. Oh Hey
  6. Red Eyes
  7. Traci Lords
  8. Valediction Blues
  9. You’re Cool Now

Songs range from wistful dark folk music, to blues, to electronic funk and even the Hindu influenced “Middle Age” and “Isn’t It Enough?”




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