Journal-ism (2018)

Available now,  “Journal-ism” an all new book by Jared Morris

This book is not a talk radio tell-all. In fact, the foundation of this collection starts well before Jared Morris was ever a radio personality. It is, however, a tell-all from the mind of an artist.

In 2004, Jared Morris began a journal. It consisted of twisted midnight word prose and mostly crude sketches. Those early works have been combined with erotic poetry, song lyrics, flights of thought, essays, news articles, paranormal anecdotes, transcribed conversations with octogenarians, autobiographical poetry, radio stories, number/letter ciphers, unflinching sexual accounts, letters, road stories and much that must be read aloud to be fully understood.

Featuring full color artwork by Jon Groobz and illustrated by the author.

Jared Morris is a singer/songwriter with the band My Version of It. He was the host of Talk Radio for the Rest of Us and The Jared Morris Show until 2016 when he abruptly disappeared from the airwaves.

What a wonderful specimen,” he’d say—stroking his Egon. Old Bastard thought he was a spiritual businessman—he’d always say, “let’s get down to business, man.” But, he never did.

Buy now on Journal-ism Paperback 196 pages
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