Cerebral Abscess EP (2003)

View on Bandcamp: https://10xrecords.bandcamp.com/album/cerebral-abscess-ep

Lesson #28 04:36
Lesson #46 03:29
Lesson #47 03:11

about (bandcamp exclusive)

In 2003, Then My Version of It members Jared “Sexfinger” Morris and Joe “Eazy E” Dugan recorded a song written by drummer Dave Grind for his band Oprichniki called “Cerebral Abscess.” Abscess originally appeared on the Oprichniki CD “Crapo”

The 2/3’s of MVOI recorded the song with an Asian vibe for Grind’s wedding. Recently, in preparing a Joe Dugan retrospective CD, Morris unearthed their version of “Cerebral Abscess” and was given permission by Grind for a digital release of the work.

The remaining songs compile 3/4 of an acoustic project Morris and Dugan recorded when on a brief hiatus from MVOI that contained the Year of the Comet songs “Year of the Comet” and “Melodrama Continues” and the My Version of It song “Lesson #28”

The remaining songs “Lesson #46” and “Lesson #47” show a quieter side of these two My Version of It mainstays.

Joe Dugan played the bass guitar for My Version of It from 2002-2006 and worked on many projects with Jared and Dave. On this CD he mans the bass, kalimba, slide whistle, the talking presidents, chess board and sings back up vocals.

Cover art from Die Heilgymnastik in der Gynaekologie: und die mechanische Behandlung von Erkrankungen des Uterus und seiner Adnexe nach Thure Brandt (1895), translated from German as “The physiotherapy in gynecology and the mechanical treatment of diseases of the uterus and its appendages by Thure Brandt”


released November 20, 2004

Jared Morris: Guitar, Accordion, Mandolin, Piano, Banjo, Recorder and Vocals, Joe Dugan: Bass, Talking Presidents, Chess Board, Kalimba, Backing Vocals.

All music and words by Jared Morris

except “Cerebral Abscess” written by Dave Grind.


all rights reserved

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