The 8-Bit Series: Are You Sure? (2018)

Bandcamp (exclusive):

Lesson #99 02:03
Run To Me 03:17
Carnivore 02:31
Lesson #09 01:20
Lesson #75 02:44


After My Version of It recorded their 2009 album “Year of the Comet,” Sexfinger turned his attention to learning how to compose 8-bit music. With over 100 hours of training on the JSR Famitracker program, My Version of It released their first in what was scheduled to be a series of albums called “The 8-Bit Series.” The first in the series was a retelling of the “Year of the Comet” CD. Immediately following that release, My Version of It began work on their follow-up album “Are You Sure?”

An oddball collection of songs, and personnel issues in the studio, Are You Sure was recorded in 2010 but didn’t see a major release until 2013. Work began on The 8-bit Series using the songs from Are You Sure? as a template.After tracking a few songs, interest in the project waned. Sexfinger was getting fatigued using the software and had different projects to work on. The 8-bit music wouldn’t be revisited until the 10x Records Jared Morris solo 2015 album “Start.” On Start Jared used the famitracker as a backing band and sang and played guitar over the basic 8-bit tracks. Being re-energized by Start, The MVOEntertainment Group began work on a completely commercial effort.. An 8-bit Christmas album. Compiling 60 works in the public domain, the 8-bit Christmas album was tracked in the winter of 2015.The release was rejected by music distributor Distrokid because of their ban on public domain songs, the 8-bit Christmas album was once again shelved in late in 2016.

Working with a different distributor in 2017, 10x Record finally revamped and released the 8-bit Christmas album, now titled “An XL 8-Bit X-mas” by JMX (pen-name of Jared Morris X). While putting finishing touches on the 8-Bit Christmas Album, JMX decided to track the My Version of It holiday song “Xmas is Over” which originally appeared on the Are You Sure? collection.


When it came time to plan a new MVOI project, Sexfinger decided to use “Xmas is Over” and the previously finished 2012 8-bit tracks “Lesson #09” “Sex Spree” and “Let Me Teach You How To Sleep” as a template. Finally, work on a proper follow-up to “The 8-Bit Series: Year of the Comet” commenced, an 8-bit retelling of the 2011 My Version of It collection “Are You Sure?”

Available now.. 15 previously unreleased 8-bit My Version of It songs, a compliment to their 2011 album “Are You Sure?” is the next edition in the successful 8-bit series “The 8-Bit Series: Are You Sure?”


released December 12, 2012

All songs Grind/Morris/Schmidt except Auld Lang Syne (Traditional)

Programming by The Sexfinger

© & ℗ 2009, 2017 Jared Morris/Ten-X Records (used by permission from the MVOEntertainment Group)


all rights reserved

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