Black Dictum 黑迪克 (2017)

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Hollywood 03:58
Wires Xed 04:17


Black Dick/Black Dictum (named after Revolutionary War British Fleet Admiral Richard “Black Dick” Howe*) is the 2017 electronic synth-wave album by multi-instrumentalist Jared Morris.

Though Morris has spent most of his career playing guitar with his rock band My Version of It, Black Dick was created almost entirely using sampled sounds. Although you’ll hear the guitar, the musical soundtrack is one of dripping and dropping digital waterfalls. The songs themselves range from tender to absurd.

The found sounds used to create the music on the album include everything from phone calls from ex’s, a sampled screen door rattling at a motel in Roswell, NM to a 23-year-old cassette of then 15-year-old songwriter Craig Dempsey on Dempsey’s own composition “Don’t Hold Your Breath For a Miracle.”

The title-track, “Black Dictum,” is a collaboration with Delaware hip-hop artist $Mag (pronounced Money-Mag.) They met working in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant. “The Heir” is an internet collaboration with Reddit user Michael Plawner. Plawner performs a monologue from the Jared Morris penned book of essays and short stories: Journal-ism. Other themes consist of sex, space, pills, bipolar disorder, the Revolutionary War and the death of Prince.

Singles: Henny Penny, Black Dictum


released November 20, 2017

All songs by Jared Morris, except “Miracle” written by Craig Dempsey and “Black Dictum” Morris/Grant


all rights reserved
official review by Craig Dempsey __CLLD

“Disgusting… Enraging!! …Explorative… Delusional…  Amazing!!… Artificial… Hard-Fought!!…  uh…  You gonna get that money, bitch!!  …”

…  sorry for my exuberance, just then …

um, I’m very impressed by Jared’s work. Sometimes others aren’t, for some ‘unknown-to-me’ reason.

I try to make people laugh, sometimes in a confusing way.  I’m not politically calculating, unfortunately, quite the opposite. But, I am biased in my opinion here and there, and I am so here because when we were in William Penn High-School together, THIS GUY WAS MY like drag-MOTHER, but for MUSIC, and also because objectively:  He always played guitars and other instruments way better than everyone else, he always thought more, read more, wrote more, and felt more strongly, whatever that is worth (;|). He was into synths because Dr. Dre was into synths. He always practiced writing and music skills, and taught this kinda stuff to at least one person, me. Not how to play guitar, I still suck at that, but even better… how to listen, how to compose, how to give myself a musical mind, how to give myself a mental arena to play in, a focus on the beat of the movement of the brain of a human-fucking-being, like a child naturally does. How to give a shit about something, and how to have enormous laughs. He’s a real-ass-heart-feeler. Eneeway… That’s love amongst friends, I guess. No Homo.

I started this review with a few maybe provocative words.  I’ll end it with these: “Who Cares?”  Listen to /Black Dick/ (sic) if you have a breath of life left, America. Here’s to y’all!

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