Other Problem Motels and The American Flag in Tatters

Doesn’t anyone care about showing respect to the American Flag any longer?

During a recent radio discussion about the Classic Motel in Georgetown, Listener Donna told me that The Classic is just one motel that citizens on Delmarva should be concerned about.

She sent me pics of one motel in the Western part of the county where even the American Flag flies in tatters.

I’m surprised the citizens of Sussex see this kind of thing and don’t do anything about it.

You know flag etiquette.

” The flag should be cleaned and mended when necessary.

When a flag is so worn it is no longer fit to serve as a symbol of our country, it should be destroyed by burning in a dignified manner. “

(source: http://www.usflag.org/flagetiquette.html)

The conversation about nuisance properties is one that will go on. But, here’s one thing that can be solved quickly. Show some respect.

What issues are you fatigued over or sick of hearing about?

If you listen to talk radio or read the news, take a second to answer this poll question…
What issues are you fatigued over or sick of hearing about?

This article says politics and over saturated news. I’m personally sick of hearing about people complaining over minute issues… Mannequin with ribs showing… Bad Tip Receipts… Someone hurt someone else’s feelings… Ebola patients that aren’t really. Sheriff’s Arrest Powers! what are yours?


“The message seems clear: oversaturation, ever-shortening of news cycles and repetition of hard news with too-little updated information, is wearing thin on consumers who are seeking alternative sources for information that is fresh, entertaining and positive.”

Read some of my insights on my radio prep blog moderntalkradio.wordpress.com

Should you be forced by your employer to undergo treatment for ailments or be penalized monetarily?

Should you be forced by your employer to undergo treatment for ailments or be penalized monetarily?

So, if you don’t believe in a certain type of treatment – The article says “the penalties could increase to as much as $450 for participants who fail to undergo required screenings and fail to adhere to treatment plans for chronic conditions.”

I echo the sentiment of a commenter online. “I for one, do NOT want to be told what to do regarding my health. That is between my doctor and myself.” And EVEN then it’s up to me to decide if I want to recieve treatment.

So for these chronic conditions, many times harsh drugs are prescribed… If I don’t want to subject myself to them, am I going to get a fine? If you’re doing your job, your employer, state or not, should have no say in what kind of LIFESTYLE you are living.

It’s a little too close to comfort for me. It reminds me of a buddy of mine that was told by his employer that he was obese and would be forced to lose weight or he would face a higher health insurance costs. Was he obese? He was a weight lifter., He had a a higher body weight because he was muscle bound. He was forced to cut back the protein shakes because he wanted to be in compliance.


How much sleep do you get on a given night?

So everyone says turn off the screen (tv, computer, phone, pad) an hour before you go to bed? Right. So… What are you supposed to do for that hour then? contemplate mortality? We need the screens to put off the harsh cold reality of a death that is imminent right?

I heard a preacher once preach that the reason we hate the silence is because we can’t be alone with ourselves. We can’t be alone with our thoughts. Maybe, but for me it’s simply I get really bored really easily. I’ve taken to turning off the screen more when I’m at home, but it is a reacion to the fact that I am working more at home. I need a couple of hours to clear my head. But I fill those hours with playing music and reading and cooking. But for an hour before bed none of those seem like good ideas.

I mean, you’re certainly not supposed to workout before bed.

Playing music charges you up, or at least it does me, so that’s an out. Reading! yes, but it’s difficult for me to get into a good book lately, mostly because I keep thinking that there’s something else to do. And so what do I do… I pick up the Kindle and I practice my French, I play a Disney game, I get on Reddit, then I wonder why I just wasted the last two hours of my life.

Do we need quiet? All I can tell you is, the other night the cable was out at my house, no internet and I finally started my book about Talk Radio. So, maybe quiet is good for something. If you consider me bossing around other talk show hosts ‘good’. Either way, screen or no screen, I’m still clocking a solid 7 to 7 1/2 hours of sleep at night. My voice teacher says for the performer 10 or 11 is better, But I just can’t sleep that long.

source on the science of sleep: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-is-exactly-how-much-sleep-you-need-2014-10-08


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