Weighing High School Girls?

One local mom writes on FB:

What do you think?

dad tells us the story here http://www.delaware1059.com/features/091514-dad.mp3

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Sonic Tribute by My Version of It

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Road Side Memorial or Political Endorsement? (UPDATED)

And you thought the cemetery that wants to put up a clandestine cell tower was a bad idea

A friend sent me this pic of a Wheatley sign posted inside a roadside memorial. Wants to know if you think this is bad form? What do you think?

Even if they knew the teen or was related it still seems weird.

As my friend noted, it roadside memorial is unusually large and draws the eye. The sign placed amongst the teddy bears and flowers is ‘using’ the site to promote his campaign.

We could have a whole other debate about how long road side memorials should stay up — but I’m wondering specifically about this sign.

A Facebooker is telling me that it was placed by the late girl’s father. That’s fine. But, it’s still upsetting people. What do you think? Appropriate or not?

Update from Dad (Nils Mulford)

“i would like to apologize for anyone who was offended by the bob wheatley sign at my daughters memorial. bob is a dear friend who along with senator venables got the state of delaware to put the LOOK AGAIN signs at that intersection.how do you thank people who have gone to bat for a heartbroken family so hard? they want no recognition,and are so humble. i know his little girl and he has done nothing but put trust in the lord and help people his whole life. i miss my little girl and my family never wants anyone to ever know what it feels like when your child doesn’t come home.this picture is my daughter brielle and my norwegian elkhound olie.is he the big bad wolf? no because if you look again you can see he adores her. apicture speaks a thousand words i just ask you to look again ,drive safely and tell bob wheatley and senator venables thank you for trying to save lives once again i apologize for anyone who took it the wrong way nils”

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4th Annual Help Our Kids Radiothon

Day One (09/03/14)

As I get ready to finish out the radiothon broadcast for day 2, (we are in the final stretch and need your help guys!) I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pics from day one.

You can see the otheres on our facebook page and I’ll have audio from both days tonight on our web site.

We’re asking you to give what you can. 888-nemours

DAY TWO (09/04/14)

Wow, what a record breaker! $254K? You guys are amazing. What struck me most about the 4th annual Help Our Kids Radiothon was just how strong the parents and kids were. Here’s an inside look at Day 2

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God’s Not Dead – The Movie – David A.R. White Interview

David A.R. White

Well, I was skeptical about the film God’s Not Dead, mostly because it was successful, had the Duck Dynasty guys in and because Todd Friel (wretchedradio.com) has been pretty critical of the song featured prominently in the movie.

But there was some good stuff there. Our friends at pureflix.com have made a movie that addresses some of the ongoing religious controversies that have been creeping into your news feeds.

The school that won’t allow anything ‘religious’
Evolution vs. God
Islam and Christianity
Standing up for your faith
Feeling ‘small’ in your role

I interviewed actor/producer David A.R. White tonight off the air (for future broadcast).


Let me know what you thought of the film.

David talks about his role in the film, whether or not Hollywood is missing the boat on faith based audiences, his other projects, how he went from Evening Shade to God’s Not Dead, and the danger in turning Christianity into a marketing tool.

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The Ice Bucket Challenge

This is the 2014 equivalent of a chain letter. Are you sick of seeing the Ice Bucket Challange yet? What’s the good of it if no one donates.. it raises awareness.. but isn’t the point only soak yourself if you refuse to donate? So.. most of these people are just cheapskates?

Got challenged by Billy Cummings (Delmarva Broadcasting Engineer) live on the air..

here’s audio from the original challenge (http://www.delaware1059.com/features/081914-ice.mp3)


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State runs over my cable/internet line.. Now I’m Amish.

I just figured out why I haven’t had cable or internet in a couple of days.. Comcast never buried the wire and looks like the state did some cuttin’ – and tossed the evidence in the farmer’s corn.

I haven’t had cable or internet in a couple of days, I figured it was just an outtage because of the rains.. but this week’s story form the tech blogger about Comcast’s “nightmare customer service” led us to making a service call last night.

reference: http://money.cnn.com/2014/07/15/media/comcast-customer-service/

After 30 minutes on hold, Some very sweet sax music and multiple reboots of our devices we were finally told that they had no idea what was wrong.

Did a little investigating myself today. Turns out even though we’ve had service for about a month, they’ve yet to bury the cable from the pole.

When the state came by the other day to do some trimming…

wonder why my cable has been out :0

At least they attempted to hide the evidence…

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Dancin’ Dude Hurt on Dangerous Route One (graphic photos inside)

Local celebrity and joy to many at the beach Seth “Da Highway Dancer” was involved in an accident on route one.. his face book page says he was hit by a box truck and posted the below pictures

from his facebook acct:

Seth told me "Im at beebe im awake an alive tho" (sic)

Here's the report from state police:

"Seth , (dancing sign man) was crossing SR1 from east to west from the Seaside Outlets. A 2006 Hino Box Truck (Capitol Cleaners), operated by Thomas Kearns, 43 of Dover, was southbound in the bus lane preparing to turn right when Bratten, who did not see the box truck due to an SUV blocking his line of sight, darted out into the lane. The box truck swerved to miss him and struck the curb. Bratten then ran into the back of the truck. He sustained minor injuries and was treated and released from BBER. Bratten was cited for Pedestrian Yield the Right of Way to All Vehicles.

I DO NOT know if he was dancing at the time."

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Nobody is banning books on Delmarva.. Contrary to what you MAY have heard.

From the capegazette.com “It’s for a more mature level of student. A sophomore or junior,” said Brittingham.

Board Member Brittingham said no parent would want children of that age, 13 to 14, to be walking around the house using the language used in the book. He said he hadn’t read the book, but in passages found online the F-word was used four or five times, and that didn’t sit well.”

But online commenters are saying… The board is crossing a dangerous line. How so? What’s dangerous about not letting your 13 year old read a book with foul language? Just because you use these words in front of your kids doesn’t mean other kids’ parents do.


Anyone using the term ‘banned’ is using it incorrectly and manufacturing controversy at least. At worst misleading people on purpose. Definition: “Banned books are books to which free access is not permitted. The practice of banning books is a form of book censorship, and often has political, religious or moral motivations. ” You still have ‘free access’ to this book. Don’t let people trick you into thinking it’s anything more than the school not endorsing 13 year old children reading multiple versions of the F word. Stop giving a pass on stupid and sheilding it as ‘just opinion’

Just because they’ve chosen not to assign a book doesn’t mean they are banning it.

Here’s a link to moral relativism on wikipedia..


“nobody is objectively right or wrong; and normative moral relativism holds that because nobody is right or wrong, we ought to tolerate the behavior of others even when we disagree about the morality of it.”

The board is RIGHT in their decision not to assign a book littered with foul language to children. You’d look at me cock-eyed if I started screaming explitives at your child, why should Cape permit it?


Or as David says on Facebook: David Vezmar Well, a movie with this language would probably be rated “R” meaning you have to be 17 or with a parent. Should a book be different? Maybe a parent should have to sign an approval for the book?

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Stripped of her title for following the rules?

Amanda Longacre is Miss Delaware.

Is it fair to rip away Miss Delaware’s crown because she’ll be too old for the fine print for Miss America, but she was within the proper age for Miss Delaware?

Delaware 1059 reports: Longacre is 24 and pageant officials say she’s exceeded the age requirement in order to be eligible to compete.

But competition rules show competing girls must be at least 17 and no older than 24. Since she’ll turn 25 before the end of the year, she’s been disqualified.

It appears Longacre’s age was prominently displayed on all paperwork so it’s unclear why NOW her title is now being revoked.

from facebook.com

Hear it in Amanda’s words as she spoke to me earlier today:


Listeners React:

Donna: They changed the rules the deadline use to be different!! The directors failed her !! So many sad things with this issue !! She is out thousands of $$$ Brittany missed her crowning moment and now who ever would have been 5th runner up is now out also just pathetic they had a job to do and didn’t do it accurately !!

Sharon: No! That should be one of the first things that they check… Will the contestant be under age — by the date of the Miss America pageant. I don’t care if she turns that age the next day. As long as the night of the

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