Did NOAH miss the mark?

Did NOAH miss the mark? Matthew Faraci from www.faithdrivenconsumer.com (Podcast Exclusive)


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When She Pulled The Trigger Her Life Changed Forever

Normally I don’t have too much of an emotional reaction to an interview but tonight was a different story.

Perhaps because of today’s conversation with Leigh Ann Bryant http://www.leighannbryant.com was different.

I’ve known guys like this. I’ve known people who suffer from Bi-Polar. I’ve known women who can’t get out of a bad situation.

I’ve never known one with a story like Leigh Ann.

Her book “In My Defense” http://www.amazon.com/In-Defense-Leigh-Ann-Bryant-ebook/dp/B00H27MVL0 is a painful story about a woman and a man who got into a bad situation and it was made worse.

There’s a faith aspect to this story about who God can heal a broken heart and her life changed because of that, but it’s also a story about helping others in the same situation.

In this blog, I’m not going to reveal too much about the true story, but I hope you listen to this audio, it might be the most profound interview I’ve ever done. In turn, check out her book.

Maybe more than her life and Vincent’s life can be changed.

Audio Podcast Exclusive Interview Leigh Ann Bryant: http://www.delaware1059.com/features/030714-leigh.mp3

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Who’s Afraid of the Song of the South – Author & Disney Historian Jim Korkis

A few weeks ago there was another Disney hit peice making the rounds, Actor Meryl Streep, at an awards gala, decided it was time to tell the world how evil and backwards a man who’s been gone for 50 years was; Walt Disney. She (according to CBS News) referred to ‘him as a “gender bigot” and a person who “supported an anti-Semitic industry lobbying group.” ‘

Is any of that true? Was Walt Disney a Racist? Well, he must have been, you’ve heard about the racist movie he made in the 1940s “The Song of the South”, right?

I’ve seen two bootleg copies of the film and it, like a lot of Disney features, shows us a different time in America. But, is it racist? Well, when you go looking for things, you can always find them.

A few month ago I found on the Amazon store a book by a guy, Jim Korkis, called “Who’s Afraid of the Song of the South, and Other Forbidden Disney Stories” – I started reading it for two reasons. A:) I’m fascinated by the Stephen Foster world of reconstruction south B:) I just don’t want it to be true about Walt!

The problem here is Disney has made it very difficult for you to watch the film. What’s the truth about it, Was is it so hated, Who’s afraid of the Song of the South?

In honor of Black History Month, I thought it would be an interesting conversation to have, so tonight – as an exclusive – I spoke with Korkis. Listen to the interview, check out the book, and above all..  find out for yourself before you repeat ‘what you’ve heard’.

Who’s Afraid of the Song of the South – Author & Disney Historian Jim Korkis (podcast exclusive)

Exclusive Audio: http://www.delaware1059.com/features/022514-korkis.mp3

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The WWE Network just changed everything

So firstly, I’m super cheap. I hate spending money on entertainment like TV and DVDs. I do (mostly Disney stuff as mentioned in the last blog) But, I love You Tube because of all the archived video. I spend most of my old TV watching time watching youtube. (read: the time I used to spend watching ‘traditional tv’) I go to bed listening to it. Secondly, Enjoy it while it lasts because the WWE just changed things for you.

The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has launched a new streaming service (think Netflix meets justin.tv) on their own. They’ve done it w/o the support of a major media partner. Why should you care? Let me ecplain what it is first, It’s a 24/7 streaming service w/ access to not only live new programming, free montly “pay per views” (they’ll have to change the names of those) and over 1000 hours of archived video, including every past WWE, WCW and ECW pay per view.

Again, you don’t watch wrestling… So why do you care? I’ve been saying forever that we’re in the midst of a major shift in the wayh people consume media. WWE is at the foreground with their network. They’ve bypassed traditional cable and sat distribution. Causing some traditional providers to be so angry they’ve pulled the rest of the company’s pay per views from their line-ups.

But, I think this is the start the a la carte cable we’ve all been waiting for. Truth be told, I only have cable at my house to watch a few things, WWE is one of them. They’re only charging $9.99 a month for the service. My cable is like $140. I watch exactly 3 programs and I’m paying $140 a month.

In my last blog I talked about Disney… How much do you think they could charge for a monthly service that includes that kind of access? They probably wouldn’t because they own too many cable networks, but Cable needs to wake up and catch up or they will be lost in the dust.

So that brings us to youtube. WWE is rumored to be removing all of their unofficaly content from youtube.. closing what’s available for free out there.. but, the Network is such a good deal, even a big time cheap skate like me got it.

I have Netflix, Youtube, Hulu and now WWE Network. There’s not much need for ‘traditional TV’ — How long before everyone bypasses these ‘traditional’ means? Sooner rather than later.

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The Rising Price of Disney Tickets

here’s a story about prices raises at Disney..


What the article doesn’t tell you is that it’s really reasonable if you get multiday passes. You can go for 6 days for like $46 a day or something. The problem with these articles is people get scared away when they hear $99 a day! but they’re not considering that the price drops down when you get more days..

here’s the actual pricing scale: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/tickets/ – if you got for 10 days, the ticket is only $354

The reason why I think this is newsworthy.. you have competing media organizations running stories like these and they fail to mention that Disney is a competitor.

I have a radio buddy who had always wanted to take his kids and wife to Disney but was so confused and misled by stories like these he felt it was unaffordable. When I explained him the sliding price scale he thought I was full of it.

We just went for 6 days in December and stayed in the park… and that’s all on a Market 140 something afternoon talk show host’s salary.

This isn’t an advertisement for Disney.. but, I love Disney World and it makes me sad that people in the media purposefully mislead people. Because, seriously, who goes to Disney for only one day?

Tomorrow night, check the podcast section of this web site, I’m going to do a Podcast Exclusive interview with Jim Korkis (author of Who’s Afraid of Song of the South) http://www.amazon.com/Afraid-South-Forbidden-Disney-Stories-ebook/dp/B00AG6G250

You’ve probably heard that the Disney movie “Song of the South” from the 1940s is racist, we’ll find out from Jim tomorrow night the truth for Black History Month.

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Please Vote for Me and Delaware 105.9, It’s Easy and FUN! (*not actually fun)

Hello everyone. It’s Best of Delaware Time – They’ve gotten rid of the category I’ve won (Best Radio Personality) But you can still vote Downstate Best Radio Station (DE 1059, WXDE) Best Talk Show Host (Jared Morris) Downstate Radio news anchor (Mark Fowser, Kelli Steele or Joe Irizarry) Downstate Radio station, sports (DE 1059, WXDE — we brought you all that high school football love) Downstate Radio deejay (Dan Gaffney — just to be funny) Downstate Radio station, news (DE 1059, WXDE) — Be explicit when you vote, in 2011 they gave my award to our old General Manager and last year they had Dan at the wrong station. Please vote. I like awards, it makes me feel good about myself, and when i feel good about myself I do a better job on the air, and then you have a better day.


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Click here to see what I wore to get laughed out of 6th grade

What was your worst clothing choice ever? Mine was probably the Hulk Hogan jacket.. I thought it was so cool.. 6th grade save up $80 to buy it.. it was all vinyl.. kids were brutal..

Much thanks to Rachel for this: “What??? That jacket is AMAZING. I want one.”

Even though it was 23 years ago.. that actually helps!

Thanks to Janell for this:

Jared I literally wore these pants..and just like this. My grandmother laughed at me & told me I looked like a clown. I did. Sooo embarrassing

Kimberly confessed: They were called ‘hyper’/’hypo’ color….the shirts that change colors with your body temp. I had several of them…lol UGH!

I wore that too.. I don’t regret a thing!

Here’s Josh (from Insight) and I with DE 1059 Caller discussing http://www.delaware1059.com/features/022014-dress.mp3

here’s the original Facebook Thread:

Confess, Comment and Like!

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Defective or Normal Wear and Tear?

I just bought these stupid shoes before Christmas. December 20th… The first tear appeared in early January. Today is the last day I’ll be able to wear them.. I clerk at the store recommended these ‘running shoes’ when I told her about my bad knee.. “it’s what we all wear at the store” — I feel like they should have lasted longer then a month… Is it normal for shoes to crap out this quickly?

Are the defective or just normal wear and tear for modern shoes?

They weren’t cheap either…

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Adèle Keim – The Becket Fund For Religious Liberty – Hobby Lobby (Podcast Exclusive)

How does the Hobby Lobby cast concern you? We spoke to Counsel Adèle Auxier Keim with the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty concerning the case.

The lastest is the court brief countering the governments “divide and conquer” attempt to violate buisiness owner’s religious rights.

Adèle here untangles the case for us: http://www.delaware1059.com/features/021014-hobby.mp3

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A New Movie About Walt Disney

Which (non spiritual) person do you find the most inspiring?

Walt Disney’s famous credo’s “Keep Moving Forward” is a true inspiration for us when things go so wrong in our lives. When we face hardships, when our best laid plans don’t go as planned. But, what was Walt’s early life like?

Director Logan Sekulow (https://www.facebook.com/waltmovie http://www.waltmovie.com) is attempting to tell the story of Walt Disney before his move to LA.

He hopes that his film, As Dreamers Do, will help renew an interest in Walt Disney: The Person and not just The Walt Disney Company.

The Film, narrated by country musician Travis Tritt, will debut in May.

Logan and I spent time this evening discussing the movie, the motivation and our mutual respect for Mr. Disney.

Listen to the Podcast here: http://www.delaware1059.com/features/020514-disney.mp3

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