All Dogs Go To Heaven (But Only If You Put It In Your Will)

So this lady wants thave her pet dog put down and cremeated when she (the owner) dies. IS she being selfish?

“In the eyes of the law, pets are possessions and when you die, you have the right to decide where they go but what if that means bringing those pets to the grave with you?

That is what one Aurora woman decided to do. Connie Lay’s attorney tells us she had a few possible plans laid out for her dog Bella at her death. One of them being the German Shepard be put down and her ashes put with hers. It’s a fate Bella is set to meet Tuesday morning despite objections from volunteers who want to give her a good home.”

This is the question I asked on the air. Help me understand what’s going on here. Several women called in and agreed that they are planning to do the same thing.

I did a poll of vets. Vets usually won’t put to death a healthy animal, but shelters will and Peta does. Remember a few years back all the pitbulls put to death at the local shelter. What’s the difference? In all these stories there were people willing to adopt the pets, why is it okay if you make the choice to do it versus the pet shelter?

People are quick to bring up abortion. I guess there’s something to be said about that. But with abortion, women say ‘it’s our bodies’ – you can’t make the same claim about your dog.

I sat and held my cat last night, he’s ill. He hurt his ear the other day. I can’t imagine that if I die, I’d wish the same fate on him. Someone would take care of him, family, friends… and if not. You know, he’ll survive. I had a woman calling me last night that said that she hand fed her dog chicken breast everyday, “he doesn’t even know he’s a dog” she claimed that he’d never survive w/o her. You know what though? He would. He’s a dog. Put him on the street. Deprive him of chicken breast. Once he gets hungry, he’ll remember what it’s like to be a dog. Heck, if you keel over, he might even taste you if he gets hungry enough.

The lack of value we put on all life in this country is disturbing. But, not nearly as disturbing as the extreme value we place on our own lives. If you’re so bold to think that you should have a say in the life or death of another creature AFTER you pass, I’d question why you value your own opinion that much.

There were wide spread stories of the pope saying that ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’ or some such thing. You can fact check it here:

But, I’d suggest it’s not the pope’s decision to make, and it certainly isn’t yours. People have suggested that maybe these women think that they can kill their pets so their pets will be with them in heaven as soon as possible. That’s sick and weird. Would you kill your husband so he can be there with you? This is what happens when society starts deciding that anything they believe is valid. It’s dangerous and always leads to death.

Please don’t kill your dog if you die. I’ll find a home for it.

Want A Good Idea for a Unique Present?

For about $5 a month.. have you heard of Mystery Evelope? I interviewed the co-founder Ben Lewis here:

For $5 a month, they’ll send you… something… in an envelope. You know.. It’s a mystery. Their motto: Mystery Envelope is always give our subscribers more than they expect.

What’s in it? It’s a mystery. Check out more at

Lastly, I interviewed inventor Dan Kainen about his new book Ocean: A Photicular Book by Dan Kainen

Flip through the book and watch the seas come alive.

Should Kids Have Smart Phones? (Graphic content found on tween’s cell)

Do you feel kids are exposed to too much these days? I got a message from a buddy on Facebook from a dad concerned that kids are exposed to too much.

This is a From a friend:

Just looked at my kids phone and read some random stuff from a group chat. ‪#‎wtf‬ are these kids talking about and should they even have smart phones? They are 12!! I say give them shitty flip phones till they turn 18. All of this tech bullshit can be fun and all but young kids can do without it. Never know who’s out there ‪#‎creepin‬ ‪#‎ugh‬

here’s the screen shot. warning, it’s censored but still graphic.

So, what do you think? Is this the norm? I spent the weekend with my extended family and got to hear how much knowledge my own nephews have about the world. These kids are dirty. Is it just a Sign ‘O The Times?

Where Did All The Delawareans Go?

New charts from imgur found on /r/delaware show us where people who are currently living in Delaware came from. Turns out, like many of you could have predicted… Pennsylvania.

If you weren’t born in Delaware.

Also, maybe even more interesting, where are all the Delawareans going? Turns out it’s “The South?” Or more specifically, like a friend in News insists, North Carolina.

What’s the appeal? Where would you go, if you could?

People who moved from Delaware.

School Board Member Says “We all have to show up to the fight” #PrayerMovement

Just when you thought the #prayermovement was over at cape the American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware is weighing in on the issue of school coaches being involved in on-the-field prayer with student-athletes.

“There are two reasons why coaches who participate in or
show approval for player prayer at games need to stop. The first is that their actions violate federal and state law. The second is that as school district employees, they should be setting good examples for students. Violating the law in the presence of those students
does the opposite.”

Over on my facebook page as listeners were chiming in, Sandi Maynard of the school board writes the following:

First let me say so it is clear……I support our coaches and our teachers right to pray. The ACLU and the FFRF aren’t against the players or students praying (although I believe if they could they would silence that as well), they are against “public” school teachers and coaches praying. Teachers and coaches work for the government. ……this where they are stating “separation of church and state”. I believe they are wrong. “Separation of Church and State” is not in the Constitution………your right to free speech and expression is. However, these groups have WON court cases and one was in the 3rd Circuit Court which governs over De. This is why they feel so bold in telling us the Cape Community and now the entire State of Delaware what we can and cannot do. This is a fight we will HAVE to fight in the courts if we want to protect the RIGHTS of our Coaches and Teachers. We need folks to want to fight that fight. … is time to not just talk the talk…..but to walk the walk. I am in the process of lining up legal counsel who are willing to help us fight but we all have to show up to the fight. If we keep sitting on the sidelines. ….we are going to loose all of our rights to these self serving groups.

It is not just about prayer. It is about rights. See that is the problem….you make it about religion. I believe it is about freedom.

BTW, your “moment of silence” doesn’t work here. During our moment of silence at board meetings…..I bow my head. Does that mean I am praying? Usually, I am not…….I have prayed before I get to that meeting.

If a coach bows his head that is his right. He might be praying or he might be showing respect for those who choose to.

You are right……we open the door to all religions. But that is what this country was founded for. …….freedom of religion, not freedom from


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